Sunday 27h September 2020

The cool air was most autumnal against my face.  I am just indoors from a walk along the beach.  The stars are shining and as always I trace from Ursa Major to the Pole Star and look due north.

Walking in the sand gave me time to think.  There are a number of angry posts on social media by Circus, Magic and Theatrical performers. To be honest with you they are right.

I am in the UK, so this is from a UK context, though I do believe many around the world will appreciate the message.   The point being made is lack of support for the creative industries we are all part of.  Current leaders do not see or consider creatives as worth supporting during this Covid Crisis.

Politics honestly bores me, and whilst I have been accused of being of every single political persuasion, mostly wrongly, this is not about politics. I could not care less who is in Number 10 Downing Street.  It is about valuing people who are relied on.

So many of us in the creative moonlight are freelance, self employed, call it what you will.  Apparently we are not worth supporting as these roles are not "proper jobs".

I have seen people online agreeing, thinking we are not worth supporting. It does make me wonder how these people would relate to this current pandemic, without their TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, radio, DVD's, CD's, books, magazines and so on.  

No, no bitterness in this heart. We are here to bring you joy, whether sunlight or moonbeam, and laughter or fright. We will be here after this is all over although many will have been through stress unlike any other profession will know, and that is not downplaying the angst felt by other professions.

My belief is, no matter what life delivers, whatever I am meant to have by law, I am responsible for me and I am not just a survivor. You may drop me in the swamp, but I will be on a tropical island six months later on a sunbed drinking margueritas whilst a sun kissed Adonis massages my feet. 

If after all this is over you ask yourself is that woman or man paying tax?  If they are not, I would argue they have a moral right not to. 

It is not a soap box I am on. I am lying on that sunbed and Miquel is doing wonders for my feet and telling me to be quiet whilst he hands me a marguerita. This is the case as it is my mindset. 


If you want to take anything from this weekly blog, it perhaps should be this. A huge number of people through this time have been struggling and some have lost their lives and many are borderline coping. 

After epidemics in the past there has always been a renaissance where creativity, artistic ability, illusion, the psychic, the musical, the circus and the theatrical have been celebrated. We all need each other, so when this renaissance comes, please be part of it. 

Cara x