Cara Hamilton has been a professional Psychic Entertainer, Mindreader and Psychic since her early 20s. Over the years she has performed across the UK, Europe and North America. Recently Cara held a Seance and performed to a sell-out audience at the very Haunted Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore, USA.

The Rodeos and Carnivals of Canada trained Cara in the ways of the early radio era mindreaders and sideshow artists.  The Commercial Quarter of Winnipeg introduced her to the seance and spirit work of the early Spiritualists that has since become a passion.

Her experience involves performing the stunning "Espiritisme" across the UK, Arts Festivals, years of Carnival shows, cabaret spots, glamorous dinners and a number of museums, haunted hotels and local authorities such as the National Trust for Scotland, The Scottish Maritime Museum, Allerdale County Council, Perth & Kinross Council and many Paranormal Festivals.

Overseas Cara has performed in Baltimore, USA, Manitoba and Saskatchewan in Canada and at the incredible Theaterkeller, Sindelfingen, Germany. 

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