Riches in the Stars


Such a tantalising prospect. Does your chart and your sign carry any relevance on your prospects to be more financially comfortable?  Firstly, you can be the richest person on earth and be completely miserable so financial health is not a barometer of happiness and nor should it be.  However there are aspects of our star signs that speak strongly on our ability to achieve more financial prudence.


A recent survey of the world’s biggest billionaires was conducted by Forbes Magazine as part of their Billionaire list.  Topping the list with 27 Billionaires was Libra. That sign that eyes the scales most carefully features Fashion leader Ralf Lauren and Liliane Bettencourt of L’Oreal. Ralf Lauren started life as a child of Belarus immigrants in New York, his first job being a sales assistant and as French Businesswoman Liliane Betterncourt was an apprentice who spent her days affixing labels to bottles of shampoo, there is real eye on the prize potential if Librans wish to work for it and realise they have more than just a sense of flair and modern trends.


Second top in that rich list is Pisces with 22 Billionaire’s sharing the sign of the Crab including Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch and third on the list is Cancer a water sign with an eye for the future.  We are only too aware of the futuristic vision of Cancerians Richard Branson and Elon Musk. Something in the water perhaps.


If you are none of these signs, you will find each horoscope sign has Billionaires born under it. It is not a question of one sign spelling out financial acumen or wizardry and another telling you no matter how hard you work you are destined for empty pockets.


The key to any interpretation of your star sign is to work with the positives and not the negatives.  That is what brings you the bankbook you may seek, however remember there is no point of being the richest misery in town.  Happiness is what always counts. 


It can be so easy to think well if my sign is not strong with financial awesomeness they what is the point.  The sign at the bottom of the Forbes list is Capricorn.  Are we glum about that Capricorns? Well do not be. The richest Capricorn is also the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, who started his company out of his garage in 1994. So it is all about working with our positives and keeping away from our negatives.  How?  In this special horoscope article I lay out how to improve your financial position through the qualities within your star sign.





Aries   March 21 – April 20


You are very competitive and always determined to do things your own way.  You have a double-edged sword in your hands as on one side your ambition makes making money and especially entrepreneurship easier than for others, but you are impatient and often switch long term for quick profit.  Work hard and play hard is often the way of the Aries. Your ambition and work hard motivation are a real bonus but your impatience is your Achilles heel.  Learn patience and think long-term.  This will test you.  The long game when it comes to investments and career makes you, so resist the appeal of short term satisfaction.




Taurus             April 21 – May 20


Reading this dear Taurus you are likely to be sitting in comfort as you do love your comfort and luxury.  Then often you will feel a bump as you perhaps spent above your means or things have changed and you have to build that luxury up from scratch again.  Taureans are financial magnets, you simply attract wealth and you can grow money without short term ethics, which is good.  This is because Venus is casting its pull on you.  When you have the money for luxury you want to show it and if you have it, why not?  As has been said you are a wealth attractor so keep doing what you do but avoid overstretching your finances as that is the key.




Gemini            May 21 – June 21


If there is a sign with the gift to learn the new fast then that is you. You can flit between extremes though, such as being the model of fitness and my body is a temple ethic for weeks and then become couch-potato par excellence.   Geminis are more focussed on happiness instead of money, though you do see it’s worth and what it can to your life.   You are savvy and intellectual but you get distracted by options. Sales, business, teaching others and writing are where your strengths lie.  Remember the options? Realise if there are experts out there, go get their advice




Cancer             June 22 – July 23


As futuristic as cancerians can be, you are emotional and make decisions with your heart and not your head. You like to provide and money management is key to you. House, home and kitchen are things that excite you in how you wish your finances to both grow and be seen.  It is easy to think too emotionally regarding your money. Your heart also governs passion and working with your passion is important but always handle your money with your head. In your hands money is a tool and not a goal in it’s own right. In general you are introverted so you need to push yourself, and when you do, that is when the magic happens.




Leo                  July 24 – August 23


Your magnetism attracts others as most Leos are a figurehead and have the personality to match.  Is it any wonder Leo was cast as the Wolf of Wall Street. Leo by name and Leo by nature.  You make bold decisions and do wilfully overindulge and over-spend.  Your nature leads you more to business, though public service and the arts are present as options that work.  Your energy in full flow takes you many places and yes you want the good life. You have all the tools in your arsenal to achieve this. The negative you need to root out of such a promising garden is frivolous spending and over-spending as they hold you back. Learn to save.




Virgo               August 24 – September 23


The pernickety eye for detail a Virgo possesses is impressive and makes you very well attuned for understanding the intricacies of money management and investment but you like safety and not risk taking.  Virgos have truly wonderful skills but your lack of self-confidence is your downfall.  You just have to be in control, but if only you let go of the reins a little you would find the help and room to explore is actually in your favour. Work life balance in particular is a real positive for the Virgo. Balance brings out good decisions and you will benefit from realising you are not and nor should you be always in control.




Libra               September 24 – October 23


The wise Libra asks for the opinion of someone they trust, not someone who will just say “yes” for the sake of it.  You are naturally indecisive which is why every good dressmaker or tailor measures twice and cuts once.  Venus has an affinity with you which is a money attractor.  It comes however with commitment to cooperation and teamwork. Not just being in a team, but actual working as a team.   You epitomise balance and negotiation as well as having an artistic or creative streak.  You do realise all financial methods to achieve the good things in life involve risk so you take that risk in a measured and careful manner. Measure twice and cut once.




Scorpio            October 24 – November 21


You understand power and how to wield it on and day by day basis.  You are known as emotionally distant and that is good as whilst others dither you act and can make important financial decisions with relative impartiality.  You also do not mind approaching the new.  Your mindset is one of “that which you want, wants you”.  This is where your successes come in.  When you put your mind to a project it simply works.  The negative part of this equation is you knowing what to do with money that you make.  Always invest for the future and take professional advice on your course of action.




Sagittarius       November 22 – December 22


Impulsiveness is part of your DNA so it is so difficult to stop but you must at the very least control it.  You adore the prospect of self-improvement so treat it as that.  If a sign were to be called lucky, it is the Sagittariun, so you will have had some close shaves.  Money management is not in your skillset so take professional advice and stick to it.  In your mind there is just too much to do for you to attend to it. You will excel at where your gifts take you and look forward to enjoying relaxation or the fruits of your labour.  You can enjoy that too much though, so always save according to expert advice.




Capricorn        December 23 – January 20


You are the responsible one, or at least you have the qualities to manage your finances with great prudence.  You are also pretty disciplined and like the Scorpio you can see things detatched from emotion though the emotion will be there which makes that ability even more special.  You plan, so chances are you already have your pension organised.  Capricorns have a lot to do on a daily basis as you are not a natural salesperson or money maker, it takes your effort; so financial matters once you have decided the course, let someone else steer the ship.  Importantly, be communicative. Meeting people works for you.



Aquarius          January 21 – February 19


You are clever and given to innovation and thinking outside the box.  You understand you cannot achieve the results without either risk or effort. As such everything is part of a real holistic whole.  Using money for good is important to you, never stop that charitable side of you, paying it forward is a beautiful thing and the universe remembers it.  An Aquarian who is unconventional sees success. Scientific and technological fields are strings you hold and marry well with your natural talent.  Managing money however is not one of your skills so expert advice is a good thing.




Pisces              February 20 – March 20


Pisces are intuitive and impulsive.  You have the habit of acting in all good faith and strength of belief on a whim, only to regret it.  You can be forgiven for thinking money is actually a burden.  Your caring and artistic side will rule your career choice and that career becomes all consuming.  That makes you almost not want to deal with the financial rewards. This attitude is a negative and can be turned around by having a financial plan, for each day, week, month and year, and try and automate as much of it as possible so it just happens. That way when you want the good things, the funds are there. Just keep it up.