Here is your weekly horoscope as seen in a number of UK newspapers.  This is for the week commencing Monday 26th of July.

♈ Aries                March 21 – April 20

Finances are presided over by Venus and her view will guide you. If she is stern with you then do listen as she only has your best interests at heart.  There are outstanding tasks which you may have been putting off. This is holding you back. Just do them as you will wonder why you avoided them.


♉  Taurus             April 21 – May 20

Romance and stylishness are dancing seductively close by. This will be present for the entire week. Use it.  It asks for creative expression.  Okay so you can’t paint, but that’s not the point, it is to be artistically expressive as it opens you up and opens your heart up to loving others and loving life.


♊  Gemini            May 21 – June 21

When’s the last time you went through boxes in storage? You will be very surprised by what you find as this is a week of surprises.  Invest in yourself and not in others.  This is not financial but prudence. This is the time for the twins to shine and show what they are made of.


♋  Cancer             June 22 – July 23


The recent hot weather gave you pause to consider slowing down and where you put in your effort, as when you got all in, you give it your all.  Be prepared for a signal, it’s serendipity as the chance to still be working but allowing you to slow down opens up. Siblings and cousins are likely to have a say on this.



♌  Leo                  July 24 – August 23

It is a week of good luck with it increasing over the end of the week.  There is an important rule however.  You have to believe in yourself. No matter if you are a Grocer or a Nuclear Physicist, find one thing about yourself you can be sure of and the luck will come. It’s opportunity not overspending.



♍ Virgo               August 24 – September 23

It is make-over time! This is your time to establish some new self-expression and look. Much of this week for all signs is establishment of self-belief; but none more so than with Virgo. You have a vanity, and with good reason.  Time to show ‘em exactly why the Devil wears Prada.


♎ Libra               September 24 – October 23

The start of this week is groaningly large with love and intuition.  Trust your implicitly but remember you do not need to tell all and sundry what your intuition says.  Sometimes it is a very nice thing to have such a true radar scanning.  Legal matters should be very simple.


♏  Scorpio            October 24 – November 21

Very occasionally does the Scorpio see further than the health and safety of her cubs.  You are always rock solid for family and friends, but late this week the humanitarian in you comes to the fore and seeks ways to improve the planet. This will be a trend that will continue.


♐  Sagittarius       November 22 – December 22


What does it feel like to be a VIP? If you are not feeling it, then why not, as you deserve it.  For some this will be a time to create distance from some people and to commune more with others.   This attitude will bear both appreciation and financial reward as you are worth more all round.



♑  Capricorn        December 23 – January 20

Being a Capricorn is all about creating your nest and occasionally looking out and seeing what the world might offer you.  Sometimes it’s more than worth it to investigate further. Hopes to others are dreams to the Capricorn and it is you who has the magic want that can make them come true.


♒  Aquarius          January 21 – February 19

It is a money week dear water-bearer. Emotion is where your strengths lie but occasionally the time arises when finances press.  Examine spending, and whilst this is boring to you it is important. Often this episode is misinterpreted as lack of confidence when in fact it is adding more security to La Casa Aquarius.


♓  Pisces              February 20 – March 20

Two heads are better than one and this is a time when a partner, especially a new one shows their worth.  This is where people engage and tune in.  It boosts the value of relationships, personal worth and the future.  The universe is asking you to invest in your direction.