Here is your weekly horoscope as seen in a number of UK newspapers.  This is for the week commencing Monday 13th September 2021

♈ Aries                March 21 – April 20


This week could be expensive with bills to pay and items to fix. Expect to tighten the pursestrings in any case as your mind casts forward with thoughts of Christmas.  There will be demands on your time pulling you in two directions, which naturally you can cope with.



♉  Taurus             April 21 – May 20


You feel a real need to “give back”, help others or support charity due to recent events.  Watch out for misunderstandings within the family.  An older member of the family does make you look at their health. A sum of money is due to come your way perhaps late in the week. 


♊  Gemini            May 21 – June 21

Finances will remain stable but try and live within your means.  You may need the patience of a Saint this week as you feel you are expected to move mountains.  Family will be a big joy.  Often you place yourself at the end of the queue.  Try and look to your needs.


♋  Cancer             June 22 – July 23

Domestic matters that worry you will be addressed, and it is totally in your hands to resolve.  Watch your spending and take care over what you promise others.  You like to please people but be careful you do not promise too much.  Keep a good balance in all things.



♌  Leo                  July 24 – August 23

Leos are in general very steady but this week the creative side of you comes to the fore.  There is a little extra income in the near future, and it will lead to other possibilities.  Romance and happiness are in the heart. Do look to your health though, particularly diet.


♍ Virgo               August 24 – September 23

It looks like Lady Luck will be on your side this week.  Friendships may be tested but those worth holding onto will remain.  An opportunity raises its head and gives you a lot of food for thought.  Avoid risking money this week though, your luck does not run to that.


♎ Libra               September 24 – October 23

Finances will need your attention and do not bury your head in the sand.  If you do not feel your usual self do seek help to get yourself back to your usual chirpy self.  Prolonged transactions like house sales are near their conclusion and “about time too” says you.


♏  Scorpio            October 24 – November 21

This is a taxing week so keep calm and diplomatic although you may be hard pressed.  When you hide your problems you cause yourself a lot of stress so do talk to someone you trust.  A family gathering is approaching and it will both relieve stress and be a real tonic.


♐  Sagittarius       November 22 – December 22


Hard work is the order of the week, it may feel like jumping through fiery hoops but it will be very much worth it.  Students and those on courses will have to think laterally.  Home life looks good but dot the I’s and cross the T’s on any family matters outstanding.



♑  Capricorn        December 23 – January 20


Once you start something you need to see it through.  This is the perfect motto for you.  Also a good time when house buying or moving is concerned. Friends and family will give you joy but you may have to put one person in their place as they are a loose cannon.


♒  Aquarius          January 21 – February 19


Your social standing has been glittering lately and it will continue as people realise your qualities.  If you are looking for a job, this week has your name stamped all over it.  Remember you need to make hay while the sun shines and luck comes with effort so get applying.


♓  Pisces              February 20 – March 20


Life has a new road before you and you set your sights on fresh pastures, just keep a firm hand on the tiller of the good ship Pisces.  There is a new aspect to life from this week and it is both personally pleasurable and financially profitable.  There is a very much renewed family value.