Your weekly Sun Sign Horoscope for week commencing Monday 1st March 2021 as featured in UK weekly newspapers.

♈ Aries   March 21 – April 20

This is a particularly lunar influenced week. The moon is lapping in reflection and it calms your fiery nature and makes you really ultra-mellow. It makes you both reflective and dreamy.  Note, this is not regret, it is an appreciation of who you are and always follow your dreams.



♉  Taurus             April 21 – May 20


Midweek Venus is in Pisces and your sign dear Taurus has Uranus in your environs. This allows you to find new ways to deal with people, relationships and more than that, it improves relationships.   You connect to people quickly and naturally and this sees perhaps a new romantic one.


♊  Gemini            May 21 – June 21


Your mental energy is on charge and this sees motivation surge through you. Any plans should be acted on taking advantage of this week as Mars in Gemini is very much your friend. If you need advice get it, do not just sit back and wait. Strike while the iron’s hot.



♋  Cancer             June 22 – July 23


As the Moon rides high through the middle of the week inspiration comes at the most unexpected of moments. It brings a smile as it reminds you of the distant past and your hopes and dreams.  Yes, they can come true. Play with your dreams. They will surprise you.



♌  Leo                  July 24 – August 23

Leos are feeling the times and in need of something changing. Sitting where you are does not do that. In needs concentration on one thing at one time and trying to do it as perfect as you can.  Speed is not the focus, detail is.  It has a way of making stress absent itself.



♍ Virgo               August 24 – September 23


Virgos like fine things and the very finest of things is time. There is never enough time so seek it out and enjoy it.  It may be music or art or perhaps some cuisine. Whatever it is, savour every second of it as it is both recharging your batteries and putting the world into perspective.



♎ Libra               September 24 – October 23


At the start of the week the moon is in Libra with a trine as Mercury is in Aquarius. This is a time for expressing what concerns you. Your views and opinions are as valid as everyone else’s.  You can be too busy to remember this; so return to yourself and exert your influence.


♏  Scorpio            October 24 – November 21


Young members of the family or extended family show a hope and future that puts wind in your sails. When a Scorpio feels happiness, it is all consuming and means the world. It makes you realise you can concentrate on yourself and attend to what makes you sizzle.



♐  Sagittarius       November 22 – December 22


The moon is in it’s fourth quarter and it signals it is time to sweep the recent past away and move away realising you have made peace with what has come before.  You need healthy ways and anything that prevents you from enjoying that needs to be removed. The winds of change.




♑  Capricorn        December 23 – January 20


Pluto is in Capricorn on Tuesday.  You think you have a need to control and monitor, you do not. Pluto whispers freedom and says put internal conflict aside and you realise it is right. Allow others to take charge and lead. The time to breathe is time to recharge.



♒  Aquarius          January 21 – February 19


At the start of the week Mercury is in Aquarius and as the moon is in Libra forming a trine.  It reveals these are a few days in which to repair relations and say what you need to. Time is limited though for you to do this.  By Thursday you feel the vibe change so strike while the iron is hot.



♓  Pisces              February 20 – March 20


Midweek sees interpersonal relations become higglety-pigglety to use a good old Scottish word. You like the old in a new dressing, but it is time to appreciate the brand new. The scary territory of absolute new is what calls you. Where you are called, go.