Here is your weekly horoscope as seen in a number of UK newspapers.  This is for the week commencing Monday 16th May 2022

♈ Aries                March 21 – April 20

The Moon is major in everyone’s chart this week, but especially so in Aries.  On Tuesday it is trined in Sagittarius and with Venus in Aries.  This is a wow moment for love and romance. It also benefits the adventurous and spontaneous, especially on the Tuesday.


♉  Taurus             April 21 – May 20

Whilst Pluto pulls deep in Capricorn it shines with the Sun in Taurus.  This is an enabler. It makes it easier for you to find your inner power and take control.  This is especially true if you have any issues that needs serious attention or dealing with. Solutions are present.


♊  Gemini            May 21 – June 21

Geminis have an inside track to the minds of others and that knowledge and more than a little luck enables you to be more optimistic than usual and create an uplifting environment.  Be curious, there is more around you than you see, and not in a bad way.


♋  Cancer             June 22 – July 23

The past and nostalgia gives you a real sense of belonging.  It is nice and cuddly and that is positive.  A physical trip down memory lane will be a growing experience.  The future and questions on direction are answered by exploring the lessons of the past.

♌  Leo                  July 24 – August 23

Time is a friend and says you have time. Time to explore facets of life you have ignored or cannot be bothered to delve into.  This tends to blow things up into massive issues when it’s not even a problem.  It simply is time to see with new eyes.


♍ Virgo               August 24 – September 23

New technical skills are set to cause you some stress but Virgo you are genuinely very technically minded and engineering is your friend even though you will deny it. The more you embrace this them more you will learn and earn.  Dive in to the pool that you avoid.


♎ Libra               September 24 – October 23

Diversity is your friend. Librans are generally very laidback but hold to older views and thoughts that see you as deeply traditional. Embrace the different, the wacky and the new,  At one time this tradition was that new-fangled thing that you seek to avoid.


♏  Scorpio            October 24 – November 21

The Moon has already entered Scorpio which means your spidey senses, psychic vibe and intuition are all on point and on your side.  Listen to it intently over the next few days if you have issues or questions to ask.  Such moments resolve and solve to give fresh focus.


♐  Sagittarius       November 22 – December 22


At the start of the week permit yourself to be the student. It is a time to learn and consider expanding your knowledge and knowhow. The moon is passing through Scorpio which rubs off on you.  It tells you if financial investment or major buys are worth it.



♑  Capricorn        December 23 – January 20

This week concentration is best given to long term plans and projects.  For most it is not a time to spring into action but to information gather.  The week lends you great objectivity thus the planning phase very much benefits from your time with pen and paper.


♒  Aquarius          January 21 – February 19


Late in the week the Water Bearer spies change and desire to make rapid changes to life and work.  You like impact and to know action has effect. People who talk a good game are worthless, they have to show the action. These are the people who help pave the path of change.


♓  Pisces              February 20 – March 20

Red and midnight blue colours are your friends this week, though perhaps don’t wear them at the same time. Style dah’link! Mars and Neptune pull your strings. Your imagination and dreams lead to great understanding and insight.  It might be a startling experience.