JUNE 17, 2020

Is your garden planted in the stars?

The old Astrologers like Nostradamus had a lot in common with Alchemists and Healers and often they were all three.  This is because all plants have astrological importance and by extension so is their planting and their cultivation.

Do the plants in your garden, match the green fingered influence of your astrological sign?  Let us see.  This article explores which flowers, herbs and vegetables resonate with you. If you want to add astrological significance into your garden, border or window-box, then this article is for you.


Aries            March 21 – April 20

Succulents are very Arien, yes that does mean the spiky cactus, but there is much more to the succulent than “ouch don’t touch”.  Being a desert plant it mirrors your ability to tolerate and put up with lots of adverse conditions others would wither from; yet you remain strong. Energy is present as is honesty and directness.   So for any Aries who wants a bit of astrology in their garden or should be rather say here as greenery, it is the cactus, the aloe vera, the houseleek and the echeveria that provide the sun loving attributes that echo your astrological nature.  For outdoors, honeysuckle and it’s perfume is simply you and simply divine.


Taurus            April 21 – May 20

The Taurean strength and focus on communication is highly in tune with Spinach, peas, olives, lavender and sage.  These are obviously edibles and old Astrologers would recommend eating them, well they are yummy too. But, purely for decoration certain blooms are the epitome of Taurean vibes, those being roses, poppies and foxgloves. These old fashioned flowers are always in demand, especially the rose, it has been written about by poets, Sufi sages use it as a symbol and it’s scent carries on the wind the charm you very much embody.


Gemini           May 21 – June 21

When it comes to flowers the Gemini is best described in the perfumed notes of lavender and lily of the valley. Those scents bring you joy.  Your bright and cheery soul reflects in the power of daffodils and goldenrods too.  There is one indoor plant however that connects you to the universe and most Geminis really tuned in, love this plant, that is the African violet.  It’s loving and warm vibe resonates with you and it also speaks volumes of your outward social nature and love of people.


Cancer           June 22 – July 23

Cancerians are best suited to a moon garden, that is something I love too and I am not a Cancerian.  A moon garden is where flowers are white and can involve blooms that open to the moonlight, so roses, night scented stock, nicotania and so on are great, reflect the moonlight and also have a wonderful evening perfume to grace the silver moon as it moves through the sky. Indoors one plant steps forward for you, the Money Tree.  It is a beautiful and legendary indoor green that makes any space appear cool, but it is said to attract money, and unusually it is not a very old plant, it’s popular origin being from the 1980s. It is held in very high esteem in Feng Shui and is said to trap money in its folds.


Leo                 July 24 – August 23

You have a great personality and any houseplant that brings this out has to match which is why the Rex Begonia is seen as quintessentially Leo.  It is entertaining, colourful and attention grabbing.  Outdoors your plants are obviously solar.  Sunflowers, marigolds and gerberas all scream Leo. The Dahlia too is Leo to the core but is reveals a bit more of your mysterious and perhaps lesser understood nature. When it comes to growing vegetables, a firm favourite of the Leo are always broccoli and spinach.  Citrus fruits are present too, but perhaps not so easy to cultivate in our climate.


Virgo               August 24 – September 23

Virgo’s often like small petite flowers that others will not see, but they will give you great pleasure.  Wildflowers like buttercups or forget me nots are good examples. There is also an arcane side to you and this is very wrapped up in particular plants, ivy, St John’s Wort and perhaps poisonous plants as they give you joy point them out to others.  Indoors your plants echo your devotion to duty so they are what we may call practical yet beautiful.  Rubber plants, spider plants and palm type plants really help you create the internal space that soothes you in mind and spirit.  There is one herb a Virgo can use in a thousand ways, and most will grow it, mint, of every variety.


Libra               September 24 – October 23

Bluebells, large roses, tea roses and Gladiolus are very Libran.  Bluebells seen in the wild are especially pleasing to you, but in the garden and your own space, the rose is Queen or King where you are concerned. Very green fingered Librans will also be very attuned to the beauty and joy an orchid can bring.  You principle of balance is also keen on the monstera, most commonly known as the Swiss Cheese plant. Any plants grown for cultivation are liable to be the same as in any other garden except one, growing or seeking out mushrooms for the table is something you are very linked to.


Scorpio          October 24 – November 21

Scorpios can, or desperately want to be healthy eaters and the cucumber is never absent from your salad.  At home these plants are something of a joy for you. They also lack real flavour which suits you, as you like to be the one who controls flavour. When it comes to flowers classical blooms like hibiscus, geranium, love lies bleeding and delicate little alpines signal the heart and mind of the Scorpio. The extrovert in you also loves red hot pokers.  You have that darker mysterious side and of course there is a plant that makes you smile, the Venus Fly-trap.  Most do not understand these plants, but you do.


Sagittarius     November 23 – December 22

You prefer plants that are not fussy or need particular care regimes to keep them healthy.  No nonsense plants are your preference. Carnations, crocus, berry producing plants all reflect you.  Rose Bay Willowherb is also a plant to bring you joy as you watch the petals fall, for when it is bare summer is over. In a garden you can grow vegetables but it is certainly not a need for you and peas type plants and mangetout are something you do delight in, especially varieties you can take from the garden and throw into the wok for a delicious stir fry.


Capricorn       December 23 – January 20

Of all signs you are most prone to growing medicinal herbs and perhaps herbs for a more cultured palate, so dill is very you, but herbs are something you delight in as you enjoy cooking, so you love adding your herbs.  When it comes to flowers you are mirrored, by African voilets, pansies, snowdrops, holly and jasmine.  The scent of the jasmine is delicate and powerful and you appreciate it. Of all the signs you are also the most likely to buy a bonsai and enjoy caring for it.  Many like the idea of it but will grow tired of them, but not you.  You see more than plants which is why you like the bonsai, you appreciate the art of growing and caring.


Aquarius        January 21 – February 19

You like practical plants that when they grow are edible, beautiful, or useful. Though a few plants do not necessarily fall into that category but are very linked with your sign as they are visionary and you feel they do the air good, the yucca and orchids being the prime examples. You are likely to be very sentimental about a particular plant, more than other signs.  Of course, with your humanitarian nature it would be remiss not to mention the plant that best sums you up, the peace lily.


Pisces            February 20 – March 20

One herb really stands out for the Pisces, parsley. Oh you may cry, not very exotic, but parsley is easily grown at home, and like you dear Pisces, if can drive some creatures crazy, it is like catnip for deer and in the kitchen is wonderful in your creative hands. Blooms that attract you in the garden are lilies, narcissus and jasmine.  Pisceans with cut flowers in a vase will often see lilies for their beauty and gentle lines. Houseplants however need to be almost self-care, so succulants and rubber plants are something most homes with a Pisces indoors, are likely to have.


It does not matter if you have a window box or a sunken garden in a stately home, everyone can delight in an astrological addition to their greenery. 


I hope you enjoy yours.

Cara x