Mindreading and Magic Products
As a performer of over 20 years specialising in unique magic, it is my pleasure to open my notebook to the magic community.  Many working professionals have bought my work. I hope you like it too.
                                           Lots of love,
                                                                            Cara xx
The Touch of the Ancients
Touch of the Ancients introduces the reader to one of the oldest magical principles.  It was described by Western Diplomats as the finest magic in India. Here Cara reinvestigates the principle, follows a cultural line of how this principle would be employed by the various peoples and migrations from the Indus Valley, with a very twisted addition.


Includes 6 killer routines:


The original Victorian Indian Presentation

The Armanen Codex

The Thread and Comb

The Voodoo Curse

The Money Spell

The Lama’s Lamp

This 28 page pdf costing £10 is available by ordering and paying by paypal to caragh_hamilton@yahoo.com

Review by Steve Drury, Performer. Author. Consultant

Co-founder . PSYCRETS British Society of Mystery Entertainers


In a Touch of the Ancients ,  Cara  provides succinct research and context for some really well devised mystery performance pieces and other creative nuances, all with a genuinely ‘ancient’ principle. The routines demonstrate how practical and diabolical a tool  this is for many performance types, and generically a worthy springboard for your own creativity too.

Storytelling for Magicians
This encapsulates my practise on storytelling.  It encompasses setting, attitude, sound, crafting a tale, inspiration, hints, tips, getting the most from your verbal presentation and much much more. It includes:
 Isn’t storytelling just for children
Storytelling is a 5 pointed star
Finding a tale
Scripting your tale
Words from Jumana Moon
Additional Tip
The Storyteller’s experience by Vanessa Woolf. Creating a tale
The Old Witch that lives among the stars 
This 35 page pdf costing £15 is available by ordering and paying by paypal to caragh_hamilton@yahoo.com
Cara's story telling for magicians should be in the library of every serious student of magic. Every student that wants to elevate their magic from "tricks" into pieces of theatre that is. Not only does Cara explain the fundamentals of script writing and story telling, she also gives examples of both works in progress and finished pieces for the reader to see her process in action. Highly recommended! Brian Watson, Magical author and creator