MARCH 24, 2020

Stars in your eyes and love in your heart

When you read the horoscopes in my column each week either here or in the newspapers, they are what we call “Sun Signs” ie they reflect upon the position of the Sun at the moment you were born.  This is one aspect in a whole array of planets, but it can be very accurate on a broad range of matters.

A full chart unveils what drives and benefits you; and what works against you and as such, this information can be formulated into not just weekly guidance but a plan to advance in life and avoid the pitfalls.  Some of these factors of course will be known to you and appear obvious but some will not. Often when explaining some of the aspects there is a real “Ah-haa” moment when something most profound was realised.


This the first of several articles on what an Astrologer like me look at when casting Natal charts, not from planetary aspect but from the reasons a client wants a chart.  What traits and secrets does your sign hold?  We begin today with love and relationships.

Aries             March 21 – April 20

The average Aries man believes they walk through the world on their own terms and pace and the charisma oozes this. Aries women are self-reliant and inspirational for other women.  Being so self-reliant is often a reason the Aries is desired.  You are to be both put on a pedestal which can be problem-some. It is why an Aries needs to choose a partner wisely.  Arieans in love are extremely protective.  The most compatible partners are Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. The ones that would be the hardest work would be Cancer and Capricorn.


Taurus            April 21 – May 20

Women are genuine and loyal, but when provoked are hot-headed. In love, they are giving and forgiving and expect only loyalty and honesty in return.  A Taurus male is very financially prudent and has to be careful partners do not feel left to feel love is lost amid the financial concerns. To them stability and comfort are key. A Taurean mother is extremely protective and insists on instilling her own values.   Cancerians, Virgos, Capricorns and Pisces are generally the best match. Leos and Aquarians can be found pretty tricky.


Gemini           May 21 – June 21

Females know their worth and should always have her self-esteem boosted for a strong Gemini is an incredible partner.  They stand for equality in all things.  Never expect to keep secrets from a Gemini woman or man as they are very astute.  Men can be unpredictable but quite charming and the sign most likely to sweep others off their feet. They can be too curious for their own good.  Gemini is generally considered to be a great match with Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius. The least auspicious partnerships are Virgo and Pisces.


Cancer           June 22 – July 23

Cancerian men often hold their mother’s opinion of a partner as an important one.  They can be detached in relationships and have to be drawn back.  It will take a while for a male to reveal their heart. It takes a while.  Women have a predisposition to a really stubborn streak, so never try to pull the wool over their eyes.  Criticism and rejection are not something taken in their stride.  A Cancerian partner will always appreciate emotional security and gestures of love.   Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces are the most in sync signs.  Those that provide the biggest hurdles are Aries and Libra.


Leo                 July 24 – August 23

Ladies are a mix of fabulous intellect and charm; difficult for anyone to resist. Confidence in the Leo is the real attraction factor.  Vibrant and colourful Leos with confidence of either sex will never be lonely. Leo men make for a very loving partner, if you are compatible.  When it comes to compatibility for relationships the best matches are Aquarius or Sagittarius. The air sign, Aquarius, brings out the best in a Leo and this will be passionate and long lasting. A love between two fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, is one that is strong and built on mutual respect.  The most unpromising relationship is with a Capricorn as you speak completely different languages.  A close Capricorn friend makes sense though.


Virgo               August 24 – September 23

Virgos are open-hearted, a protective and very sensitive. Virgo women are a stabilising force in their partner’s life.  Their realistic views are a strong part of her allure. Love is shared in unique ways.  Men are helpful and sympathetic usually but very particular and orderly. They are romantic but not in the typical sense. They believe in showing their affection by “doing” things for their partner.  Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn are the most compatible signs. The least auspicious are Gemini, Aries and Sagittarius. Another Virgo and Pisces are fickle in fate as they could be either the very worst or the very best partner.


Libra               September 24 – October 23

A Libran man is the epitome of the money minded and shrewd character.  Humour and financial stability is what they seek to bring to a relationship.  They become very conservative people. Ladies are genuine and loyal, but when pushed they are hotheaded and will stand their ground. In love, they are giving and forgiving and desire above all loyalty and honesty from their partner. There is strong compatibility with Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.  Though Libras born within a few days of Virgo may not light the fire of the Gemini. Cancer and Capricorn are not astrologically a good pairing. An Ariean partner could prove to be playing with fire.


Scorpio          October 24 – November 21

Scorpios are cool on the outside but very intense on the inside. They find intelligence a highly attractive trait. Scorpio women are known to be demanding but charming and strong.  They cast a persona and energy that is most engaging to all they meet. A prospective partner would see this instantly but not know what to attribute it to. For a Scorpio its companion water sign of Cancer as a wonderful partnership not just on compatibility, but on the intimacy and trust both deeply seek. Virgos are a good partnership too. As you like their fastidious nature.  You share a similar stubborn streak with Taurus and as such, such relationships are likely to be very love/hate.


Sagittarius     November 23 – December 22

The Sagittarius is optimistic and always looking at the brighter side of things. Men can be brutally honest and do not sugar-coat as such partners need to be able to cope with this. Women on the other hand are idealistic, witty and honest and will not accept dogmatic attitudes. They will always give a partner a chance but that chance should never be abused. You like excitement and novelty in your relationships.  Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius are good matches and the least auspicious are Virgo and Pisces. Any relationship with a Gemini should always be on the fun-loving and intellectual basis you both share.


Capricorn       December 23 – January 20

Ladies are meticulous, goal-oriented and real world focused with no time for fantasy, although their interests may seem fantasy by those incompatible with. Capricorn men look for people with soul and the superficial will only appeal for a short time. They value integrity and character.  All Capricorns and are sincere and genuine in their relationships and often find their ideal relationship later in life.  Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces are the most compatible signs and Aries and Libra having the least astrological ties.  A Leo is not a good partner but they do make an excellent lifelong friend.


Aquarius        January 21 – February 19

Women born under Aquarius are smart, independent and hold very strong beliefs but still have a fun-loving side for those whom they share a closeness. She listens deeply to her heart and intuition.   Aquarian men are determined and strong who are always occupied with some work of the other.  Both have high expectations.   Those most astrologically compatible are Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius. Taurus and Scorpio would prove tricky.  A fellow Aquarian would be a great relationship only if both retain their individuality.


Pisces                        February 20 – March 20

Pisces often use their sixth sense in choosing their perfect partner, but the Pisces, especially the Piscean woman often find their heart’s true love later in life.  You are sensitive in some ways and austere in others.  Men are good listeners and this makes them attractive but they need respect and consideration.  Women in a relationship are a kind of enigma in themselves, they can be extremely deep, sensitive and mysterious. They have vivid dreams which tend to guide them and as a result such ladies have a tendency to settle late in life.    Ideal partners are likely to be Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn. Gemini and Sagittarius are not astrologically tied. A Virgo can be a good or very tricky relationship but perhaps best as a good friend.


Stay tuned to Secret Tarot Garden for more. The next insight will be on career and drive.

Lots of love to you dear reader.

Cara x