Read Cara's interview in the Cumberland News, Cumbria's leading weekly newspaper..  Click pic for article




Live and scary - Painting Prediction

Cara visits Glasgow's famous Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. She stops 3 visitors to the city and asks if they will take part in a mindreading test. To Cara's delight they said yes, so the stress was on!



A visual bird on a wire

Cara visited the Tenement House in Glasgow to present some direct mindreading.  The inspiration? Sitting in a tenement back lawn as a child watching a bird on a wire.



Prior to a special feature on Cara's Psychic abilities at Halloween 2019, Cara was asked by Journalists of the Cumberland News & News and Star Newspapers to demonstrate under test conditions her ESP and Dowsing abilities in the Editorial Office  There were several tests, all completed successfully.  Below is the first test.

Close Up Magic

Below are two videos of Cara performing her signature close up effect in two different scenarios.

Cara entertaining two lovely people in Hexham's most fantastic hotel.

Entertaining at the Crown and Mitre Hotel, Carlisle's Wedding Fair

Radio and Podcasts

Listen to Cara being interviewed by Alyson Dunlop on the ADX Files Radio show.