Online Interviews


Cara interviewed by Vince Wilson of the Poe Magic Theatre of Baltimore, USA.

Interview by Alyson Dunlop on the popular Paranormal ADX Files Radio show.

Interview with Shawn Hebert on the LVX Files Podcast


The Cumberland News, main regional newspaper in the north of England ran a feature article on Cara in February 2020.

Before the article Cara was invited in to the Editorial Department to demonstrate ESP.  What happened is in the video below.

The Strathclyde Telegraph ran an article on Witchcraft and Feminism in October 2019.  Cara was the featured subject. 

Cultural Enterprise Organisation Eventbase in September 2018 featured Cara as part of a National Trust for Scotland event at Tenement House, Glasgow.


October 2020 edition of Vanish, the worlds premier Mystery and Magic periodical in an article on Psychic, Bizarre and Occult Performance cited Cara as one of the world's top performers.



Cara runs several highly successful Ghost Tours.  Morpeth TV News covered the launch of the new Morpeth Tour. (Features Cara and Charli May-Evelyn Reah)


Cara's first work of fiction is available on Amazon. Click the book cover for the Amazon page for more details.



Cara was asked to conduct an impossible thought reading experiment in 2019.  With only her camera she drove to Glasgow to conduct it.