Your Stars for 2022


After 2021 we all need a lift. Instead of thinking in terms of cash in the bank we have gone beyond that and are seeking spiritual gold.  



Aries   March 21 – April 20


Intuition and a desire for more will guide you in 2022.  There is an older draw within you, more ancient than the temporal concerns of everyday life. Animal Owners will realise that pets are more than great companions but that they recognise this need too.  An hour out in the open, amid trees will connect you to the future far better than social media praise ever will.  The moon throughout the year will smile on your dreams.  It can be a year of deeply profound change if you want it to be.   Finances are not the focus of the new year and neither is love. It is the year to put yourself in a very contented and zen like place.  Red and blue are lucky colours.  Health and fitness are highlighted so those walks in the forest are to be highly recommended.




Taurus             April 21 – 20 May


Who is that strutting their stuff, Pose! Taurus is on fire in 2022, both centre of attention and in their element.  Most Taureans have seen themselves in another life beforehand with a powerful focus and way of life. When such things are lost it is a case of trying to do your best whilst lost in the wilderness. This year brings the trade-winds to fill your sails and take you to the new shore of what life had given before.  There is one difference however. This is Mark2, this is better and your own decisions are key. The only person that should be in your thoughts now is you, no one else.  Health and fitness are emphasised as something to be mindful of. Communication, flair and being the centre of attention should sum up the year.




Gemini            May 21 – June 21


You see things from both sides of an issue. This applies to everything. Often one side is governed by negatives which skew your vision. Over the next 12 months you see with new eyes and learn greatly.  The veil is lifted from your eyes and you start to slay those demons that have moved your focus.  You become focussed and use your attitude wisely.  Career in any field will be strongly enhanced by your certainty.  Finances improve distinctly after June with prudent money management. You will be in demand, but chose carefully where to spend your time and apply your efforts.    Sun, sea and adventure late in the year will do you the world of good as you realise, these are the rewards you seek.




Cancer             June 22 – July 23


When Spring and Summer come you will develop a real love of being green fingered.  It is a natural side of Cancer that is both health giving but it also life and personally fulfilling. Over the year you discover a distinct charitable side to yourself and seek ways to give selflessly whilst fully engaged in your full-on life. Red and gold are lucky colours in 2022 when worn discretely.  When Cancerians have focus and meaning they seldom take time to relax; make sure to take set relaxation time and break.  By that, mind and body need calm.  Learn to switch off.  Good financial management will set you up well for August and September when being in a good financial position will give you a sparkling opportunity.





Leo                  July 24 – August 23


The bells of the New Year ring with a clarity that has all the finesse of a mallet. Crystal clear realisation is a good thing, even if it changes the future in a way you initially may not welcome. It is simply change and 2022 is a year where your steady and intelligent ways hop, skip and jump their way to fulfilment. On the flip side, once July arrives with that warm summer breeze, you seek out foreign climes and have a tick list of pleasure. This time you hold the mallet and direct the show.  Most Leos are happy to just roll with the flow, but this year is different.  The lion needs to roar and show why they are King or Queen of the jungle.




Virgo               August 24 – September 23


Travel brings money in 2022. It is 12 months to be fleet of foot and not to look behind with any sense of nostalgia or regret.  The future has the sign of Virgo on it and that does not involve looking back. Older Virgos may ask if their old-fashioned ways and ethics are still valid. The short answer is yes, but you need to move with the times to make your ways relevant.  There is a seeking of meaning. You realise you are a train on a railway track with your culture on one rail, your past on the other and this sees you smile and put the emergency cord and step off. When you step off, it is dark and you cannot see but you are willing to explore. Virgos grow when they experience mystery.




Libra               September 24 – October 23


You have a real tendency to be very conservative with your efforts and your occupation and preoccupations. There is a very creative side to you that is seldom given permission to express.  2022 is the green light.  Librans are often great savers, and this is the rainy day you were saving for. Express, create, grow and explore. Art, circus, dance. Music, martial arts and much more are all there.  The cautious Libran thinks just spend a little. The sensible Libran realises I am worth the expense and will spend far more. Love will see new fields of growth too, February and March in particular being important months.



Scorpio            October 24 – November 21


Scorpios like to think they are worldly and think of others, but really the focus is on safety and security with themselves in the centre, especially with those who are family elders. This is understandable as it is how the Scorpio clock normally ticks. This changes and a more worldly air develops where others become the focus.  This new year will see several big events and family moments that are defining.  Those family elders now see others taking charge of their own lives.  This is the moment for you to seize opportunities for yourself.  This may mean travel or relocation and a distinct redefining of what you seek from life.  This latter aspect more prevalent September onwards.




Sagittarius       November 23 – December 22


Partnerships will define your 2022 in every way.  The world is your oyster, yet you see it a something limited.  It is limitless and that must be realised for you to truly fly.   Blue is both a spiritual colour and a colour of the mind and as such is beneficial to you as it symbolises the ocean, untamed and ebbing and flowing with you are part of it.  Such times and realisations need an open mind and an understanding that you can be charming and strong; and gracious and direct.  It is a good year for Sagittarians in relationships to make commitments.  In work and business you are extremely intelligent yet you need a more elegant touch.




Capricorn        December 23 – January 20


In this new year Capricorn becomes the Fool as in Jester, the joy that people look to.  It is much more than being the entertainment for others, it is for yourself.  Often the Goat is someone serious so fun is called for.  This in turn changes thoughts of career and livelihood.  It may surprise people but often a Capricorn works in a field that is far removed from what they originally intended.  Returning to ventures which your heart dictates will also bring love to you and a fresh vigour. The colour green is a lucky one for you, especially when it is worn boldly.  Capricorns do know how to be fabulous after all!



Aquarius          January 21 – February 19


The first few months of the year will be spent in reflection but after this there is a choice. To accept parts of your life as they are or up sticks and go where you are wanted.  This of course applies to specific situations, work or residence for instance. Many people just accept and cope saying life is better with the Devil you know, but why?  April onwards Aquarians will take calculated risks to achieve and experience better. Once you take that step over the threshold you will realise how easy it is to do it again.  There is joyous family news this year, perhaps a special anniversary and this will bring people together.




Pisces              February 20 – March 20


You are creative yet seldom ever use those skills, content with realising the skills are there.  2022 will be a year which is self-made. In a sense many want the Astrological aspects to make the changes, when the best way is for you to be in control.  This is the influence of Saturn.  It will take a few months for you to realise you have this power.  Then you realise you can take individual aspects of your life and tie them together.  There is a lot of hard work ahead and self re-invention.  You will rise out of 2022 like a Phoenix from the ashes. Pisceans seeking a new clean new start will get it.  Work is your friend as it will release you from the stalemate you feel the last few years have been.