APRIL 7, 2020

Just what makes you tick?

This is the third and final article on Astrological aspects I have written for the Newspapers that print my Weekly Horoscope columns.

What is your spark? Is there something your Astrological sign dictates about what makes you think what you think, and be who you are? Your Zodiac Sign does indicate specific psychological factors that work within you.

For me as an Astrologer these factors are a great guide when creating someone’s Natal chart, which may take me a full day to calculate all the planets and other astrological entities at the time and place of birth.  I then plot and present the chart with an interpretation and give pertinent and solid advice. The horoscopes you read in the newspaper each week are called Sun Sign, so the forecast is one of broad strokes, but as your planetary ruler and element come into play it can be very accurate.

Planets and elements are big parts of what makes up your active psychology, from when you are born, right through to old age.  I do hope you have enjoyed the Astrological insights I have given you over these few weeks.  This week the final one is on what makes you tick.

Cara xx

Aries            March 21 – April 20

As the first of the Zodiac you are imbued with powerful and intense energies. Which is why you get the reputation for having your fiery moments.  Rams butt heads after all.  Your influences are generally from the planets Mars and Pluto. So you can be very courageous but have a tendency to be reckless and loyalty woven into your fabric.  You can flit between jobs and relationships before 30, but once you reach that age you hit a milestone that sets boundaries and you do learn from experiences. An Aries needs self-discipline to achieve their potential as nothing just lands on your lap. Respect is not automatically given to an Aries, so you must act the boss.


Taurus          April 21 – May 20

If we imagine the force of Aries after it has done its work and rests, we have the Bull of Taurus. You are more likely to be given the respect without you needing to command it. Taureans are mostly strongly family oriented and as an Earth sign you appreciate roots. You are ungovernable, you will do what you will do and make your own mind up.  The bull is very masculine but your sign is feminine which means people who think they have you figured out are in for a rude awakening. Everything in life must be accountable to your 5 senses, even your 6th, but you do not leave anything to chance. A Taurus wants all sides of life figured out.


Gemini          May 21 – June 21

As an Air sign you are Mercurial, creative but can be easily led by others down wrong avenues such as jobs or relationships, but once you master your Air element you are a mentor and very strong minded and strong willed which explains your Gemini siblings of Natalie Portman and Donald Trump.  If the Zodiac is a body you are the nervous system and when paired with Virgo you are an incredible team. You are a born communicator, so your role is one to transmit but not always to understand. Because of this you are apt to trust, as if you are in your early teens. The Gemini who accepts they cannot know everything but understands their own worth will accomplish great things.


Cancer          June 22 – July 23

As a water sign there is softness, flow, femininity and fluidity which gives you your characteristic ability to move with any changes thrown at you. Which means in life and love you can simply move sideways but be wary of this as the goal it to move forward.  You have a distinctly mystical side to you, and this comes out when you are very secure in your own mental abilities and self-worth. Your mind is youthful, and your body tends to follow suit so long as you care for yourself. Is it any wonder Meryl Streep and Eva Green tend not to age? You are guided by the Moon and as such nothing can grow by your light, but your essence gives everything feeling and emotion.


Leo               July 24 – August 23

If the Zodiac were a compass you are near due south, you are governed by fire and warmth. You seek the energies of the Moon but have the stability given by the sun, often without the explosive abilities of your fiery sister Aries. The very qualities that are often admired in Leo Barack Obama.  It is not in your nature to seek anything for a short time, you seek eternity and your beliefs are required to be absolute. A Leo should always seek to be self-confident as without this they are not achieving half they are capable of.  Even when a Leo is quiet and reserved people want to impress and please them, it is for this reason the Leo is often thought of as the Heart of the Zodiac.


Virgo             August 24 – September 23

People eventually realise a Virgo is special and has a glamour. It is a bit like a special cut on a precious stone, not every diamond can have it, as you either have it or you don’t. Virgos have it but it is only revealed in time.  Your Earth element qualities either makes you the most organised of souls or act like a tornado has just struck. Within yourself you bring order and the communication and connectivity that brings opposites together, in relationships, life or work. Virgo can weave magic, achieve great things and live a quiet life again with no issue. Perhaps this is why actress Cameron Diaz is world famous yet delights now in a low-profile life.


Libra             September 24 – October 23

Venus calls you as a Priest or Priestess. Of any sign called to a Spiritual vocation top of the list is Libra, as the weigher of scales is not subject to fads and exudes individuality.  A Libra is not aloof, which is something others can mistake Libran detachment for. It is simply they walk their own walk.  As an Air sign you are a bringer of harmony and your diplomacy is often very acute. That ability to see both sides of an issue does set you apart, note however you may see both sides better than others it is not in a Libra’s best interest to be dogmatic as it fights against your diplomatic qualities. Always seeking out the ideal you have one of the greatest gifts, you can transform lives.


Scorpio         October 24 – November 21

Your sign is of the Water element yet you are ruled by Mars and Pluto.  Wow. Some may see this as dark upon dark, but in fact it is truth upon truth. You are self-confident yet fluid, can be the most vivacious of people but if you lose that self-confidence it takes a lot of work to rebuild it; thus Scorpios should always strive to stay true to their nature. This means being intense, instinctive and listening to their heart. Scorpios need their “feel”. Hilary Clinton is the most prominent example of a Scorpio that reveals this.  Scorpios cling to the past, a trait that pulls them back and this should be resisted by being future focused as this will save them from resentment. Often advanced in insight, of all the signs you can start aspects of life again with a real sense of optimism.


Sagittarius    November 23 – December 22

Can you hear the wagon wheels turn? You are on a journey, the traveller through life, learning and teaching whilst trying not to disturb those around you. You have a very real power of being a facilitator or a stopper with often a thirst for knowledge or desire as your compass.  A Sagittarius must remember their role is to experience, to acknowledge they are on a journey and never be stuck. When stuck in a rut you will happily be led by others, something you were never intended for.  As a fire sign you have passion and your ruling planet being Jupiter, the gatekeeper to the outer part of the galaxy means you are always on a border seeking that next thing to ignite your passions.


Capricorn      December 23 – January 20

As an Earth sign, you are very attuned to the seasons and they do have meaning for you.  Capricorns can be bogged down with luggage they carry feeling it is their duty to do so, but the enlightened Goat knows to shed that load. You are a great example of “do it yourself” and to learn the skills to carry this out. Keep reminding yourself of “free will” as similar to Sagittarius your role involved movement and fluidity, but more than that, it gives you the structure you require. Self-reliance is the foundation of the Capricorn. You are charitable and have a real humanitarian streak but the one thing you must always have in life is honesty. Honesty is all, to the life of a Capricorn.


Aquarius       January 21 – February 19

All the symbols of Aquarius reveal water pouring. Often this gets you confused with a water sign, when in fact you are of the Air. Sometimes you get accused of not being reliable, nothing could be further from the truth. Your role is to be that which allows growth, and what does this more than the water of your sign landing on field needing rain? Intellectually you are the ideas that other will be required to fashion into a workable solution. Diplomacy is a great skill and you are the glue that gels others. This makes Aquarians so easy to talk to. It is notable that the two most famous international talk show hosts Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey are both Aquarians.


Pisces          February 20 – March 20

The last sign in the wheel of the zodiac is a water sign and leads straight onto the fire of Aries. This is alchemy at work. Water and fire are mutually creative or destructive. The reflective nature of Pisces is aware of the smallest detail and this often appears as dreams but it will filter into consciousness through another avenue. Pisceans pride themselves on being grounded after all. You grow out of your previous skin, you reinvent and restyle. Most of all a Pisces needs nourishment from others or from a spiritual source. They think of themselves as lone wolves but they are not. Part of the veneer or armour a Pisces wears. Lisa Minelli and Daniel Craig are great examples of Pisces. What you see on the outside is quite different on the inside.